President Uhuru issues new Covid-19 directives

President Uhuru Kenyatta [photo: Citizen TV]

Nov, 4th 2020 – President Uhuru Kenyatta, has today issued new national-wide Covid-19 directives. During his address the president said that the new measures are as a result of the increased Covid-19 infections and fatalities.

Addressing the Nation from Statehouse, the president noted that with the surge of infections, the occupancy of beds in hospitals has gone up since the restrictions were eased.

In the new wave of the pandemic, he gave out new directives that will be useful in combating the virus. Among the directives is that the nationwide curfew will be enforced between 10pm and 5am extending to January 2021. the previous nationwide curfew has been running from 4am to 11pm.

He also said that the exercise of civic responsibility is a central plank in the war against the pandemic. “We as Kenyans seem to have back tracked from the practises that we learnt from the early stages of this pandemic.

He noted that public responses to the pandemic have dropped resulting to overstretching of the health services. “We will double our enforcement efforts, but it is you the public that will play the most critical role.

video: citizen TV

“He added, we must recognize that this is not the time to make popular decisions in order to appease the public. we must choose the bold over the popular if we are truly to serve the people.”

All cabinet secretaries, Chief administrative secretaries and principal secretaries have been asked to scale down all in person engagements to virtual means, where possible. All political gatherings have been suspended suspended for 60 days effective, immediately. “Permission to hold such meetings should ensure one third meeting capacities in the halls and wearing of face masks.”

The Face to face learning, will resume in January 2021, as those who have  already resumed,  continue with their studies.” Classes that have already resumed learning have been ordered to continue with their learning and examination preparation but under heightened health safety measures.”

Directives that were outlined for religious meetings remain the same. In view of the hospitality sector, he urged operators of bars, restaurants eateries and other services, should adhere to the protocols by the ministry of health and whoever defies the protocols will have their establishments shut down.

County governments have been urged to maintain isolation facilities for preparedness.

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