Covid-19: Family exhumes body for proper burial

Health Officials at the Mbaraki Cemetery in Mombasa on Monday 2nd November 2020 [photo: the star]

Nov, 3rd 2020 – A family in Mombasa has exhumed the body of their son who was hurriedly buried in April on suspicion that he had succumbed to the virus, to be accorded a proper burial in Lugari in Kakamega County.

The man, identified as Clinton was buried hurriedly in strict adherence to Covid-19 protocols. The family say that the way their relative was treated was unfair and inhumane because testing later showed that he did not succumb to Covid-19 as initially claimed. Edith Vinjira, mother to the diseased accused doctors of wrongly labelling her a son as a victim of Covid-19.

The body was exhumed on Monday at the Mbaraki Cemetery for a proper burial in Lugari on Tuesday. Edith said, “My son died on April 4 and was buried on April 12 because he was suspected to be having Covid-19. He had a cough and collapsed in the house before we rushed him to hospital.

According to the family, Clinton was rushed to Pandya Hospital before he was referred to the Coast General Hospital where he was attended to by three doctors. he had shown some improvement before dying a few days later.

Edith said, “the specimen was taken to Kemri in Nairobi for Covid-19 testing and so we had to wait for the results for four days but that short period was torturers. When the result came, it was negative.”

Edith says that her eldest son had reported the doctors to the Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentists Board for mishandling his brother and placing him as a Covid-19 suspect. She claims that the doctors forced them to accept that Clinton had travelled putting him at risk of contracting the virus, which was not the case.

She said, “My son told the doctor that the only place he had been to was a supermarket but the doctor could not listen to him. It has been a long journey since we buried Clinton. We have followed all the laws in the whole process. We are not going to do any rituals, we will bury him at his ancestral home on Tuesday.

The family now wants to accord the deceased a decent send off. The family says the treatment was unfair because testing later showed the man did not succumb to the disease as was initially claimed.

Clinton was a master’s student at Kenyatta University Mombasa Campus pursuing Business administration.

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