Tanzania Elections: Main opposition leader calls for fresh elections

President Magufuli and Opposition leader Lissu [photo: Al Jazeera]

Nov, 2nd 2020 – Tanzania’s main opposition parties are calling for fresh elections on counterfeit claims of the presidential vote. Chadema party further claims that the ballot boxes were tampered with hence its agents barred from accessing the polling stations.

The two main opposition groups, Chadema of defeated presidential candidate Tundu Lissu and Act wazalendo, held a press conference in Dar es Salaam where they denounced the election and called upon their supporters to act on it.

Speaking on the matter, Chadema chairperson Freeman Mbowe said they are calling for fresh elections as soon as possible as ACT-Wazalendo leader Zitto Kabwe said the decision was for the future of our country. This follows the victory of John Magufuli with an 84% vote.

Mbowe said, “Firstly, we call for fresh elections as soon as possible. Whatever happened is not an election. We call for continuous, peaceful, countrywide demonstrations until our demands are met.

Lissu, who returned to the country in July after being away for three years nursing bullet wounds sustained in an assassination attempt said that agents from his party had been kicked out of polling stations.

He won by only 13 percent of the vote after denouncing widespread fraud and intimidation of the opposition during the election.

Magufuli was declared the winner on Friday with 84 percent of votes with his Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) party taking 97 percent of the 264 elected parliamentary seats.

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