Nice attack: Family say suspect was in quest for a good life

Outside the Notre Dame basilica, France Nice attack [photo: The Washington post]

Nov, 2nd 2020 – Parents to the 21 year old suspect involved in the stabbing that claimed the lives of three worshippers in Notre Dame basilica in the city of Nice in France have said that their son never gave any hint that he was planning the hideous act.

The suspect, Brahim Aouissaoui, sent a selfie photo to his friends back in Tunisisa to show off his new clad that he bought with money he got working illegally in Europe.

Suspect in a red jacket, the brother and mother [photo: daily mail]

His family is devastated about his murderous attack and claim that they had no clue he had become radicalized. Speaking to MaliOnline, his family has praised him saying he had started taking their religion seriously but they did not imagine he was planning an attack.

His mother, Gamra said, “Brahim did start praying and taking his religion more seriously a few months ago but he was not in contact with Salafists, Islamic extremists. I thought becoming more interested in his religion would stop him drinking and taking drugs.

His brother, Yassin, said that Brahim was very proud of his achievements and assured his family that he was doing well. He said, “He was very proud of his new clothes and wanted to show us he was doing well. Brahim said he wanted to go to Europe to earn money to buy a car.

Yassin added that Brahim made many calls on the fateful day before the attack reassuring his family over and over that he was faring on well, “He called us, the family and his friends. He spent hours on the phone reassuring us that everything was fine. He said he had met an Arab man who was helping him to get on his feet in France.

The suspect, coming from a family of ten was trying to make ends meet in the dusty streets on the outskirts of Sfax, an industrial town on the coast. He could not find regular employment so he opted to work as a bicycle mechanic and in an olive press before shifting to selling contraband untaxed petrol to passing motorists.

On the 25th of September, he boarded an illegal migrant boat to the Italian island of Lampedusa. According to reports by the Nice Matin newspaper, analysis of CCTV footage from around the city establish that he spent two days in the city allegedly plotting the attack at the city’s Notre dame Cathedral as investigators believe.

Brahim sent his family a photo of the church to his relaatives back at home the night before the attack with a message that he planned to sleep there. His victims are a 60-year-old woman, sexton Vincent Loques, and mother-of-three Simone Barreto Silva.

His father however, does not believe that his gentle innocent son. He said, “I just want the truth.” Brahim was shot 14 times and remains in hospital in critical condition.

father and brother to Brahim outside their home [photo: Trends wide]

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