Daddy Owen drops visuals for “Narejea Kwako”

Daddy Owen

We are not strangers to Daddy Owen. He has been a big name in the gospel music scene in Kenya for over ten years. From one of his early releases “Shilingi Ya Kenya” where he was talking about the vices money can make people get involved in to “System Ya Kapungala” where he introduced a new vibe in the Kenyan gospel scene (a lingala style) which also carried a song like “Tobina” which featured a legendary verse by Dunco whom he also featured in the song “Dasta

In the past he used to do a lot of collaborations but just recently has he started carrying songs by himself. We absolutely love songs like “Vanity” which hit the airwaves heavy in 2015 as well as “Defender” which dropped in 2014.

Photo by: Nairobi Wire

Recently, he released a new song dubbed “Narejea Kwako“. The song first dropped as a lyric video and the fans absolutely loved it. It received a lot of support from a lot of TV personalities and his fellow artists.

On October 26th, about a week ago, he finally released the visuals for the song. The quality is tip top! Crisp visual quality and simple but great filming locations. The video brings out the emotion of the song neatly. It is surely a treat. Make sure you check it out. If you are a Daddy Owen fan, you’ll love him and the message more, if you’re not a fan, it will make you one.

We are eagerly waiting for more releases from Daddy Owen that will help us grow in faith-strength and we wish Daddy Owen the absolute best in his ministry.

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