US Election: Trump and Biden clash in Florida

President Donald Tramp and former vice Presiden Joe Biden [photo: The print]

Oct, 30th 2020 – US President Donald Trump and his Democratic White House challenger Joe Biden have held dueling rallies in the critical election state of Florida.

Speaking in a 24 minute appearance at a drive in rally at a college in Broward County in North of Miami, he said, “I do miss the opportunity to just wander in and shake hands with all of you, but we decided a while ago that we were going to try to be responsible. You hold the power. If Florida goes blue, democratic, it’s over.

With just five days to go until election day,  Biden has a solid lead nationally in opinion polls but his advantage looks less assured in the battleground states, such as Florida, that will decide who ultimately wins the White House.

He dismissed Mr. Trump’s rally on the other side of the state, commenting on the coronavirus pandemic saying, “Donald Trump has given up.”

Donald Trump, who started this month in hospital with coronavirus, will be visiting 10 states in the last week of campaign and host 11 rallies in the final two days. He is hoping that media coverage of his rallies will compensate for his chronic deficit.

According to data ad tracking firm Kantar, Mr. Biden and his allies are outspending Mr. Trump by more than one to three. However, in a potential boost for Mr. Trump, he won a rare thumbs up on Thursday from an African American celebrity rapper Lil Wayne, who appeared to endorse him.

President Trump and American Rapper Lil Wayne; photo:twitter @LilTunechi

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