Tanzania: Opposition leader says he won’t accept election results

Tanzania’s main opposition presidential candidate  Tundu Lissu [photo: BBC]

Oct, 30th 2020 – Tanzania’s main opposition presidential candidate  Tundu Lissu says he will not accept the result of Wednesday’s election because of voting fraud. Speaking to journalists in the main city of Dar es Salaam, he said, “We do not recognize what happened yesterday, Wednesday, because it was marred by irregularities in all stages. Whatever happened yesterday was not an election.

He alleged that many of his party’s agents were prevented from entering polling stations for several hours, when rigging took place.He also urged the international community to denounce the poll and sanction those he accused of bungling the electoral process.

Results in the presidential election from 17, out of the more than 260 constituencies, that have been published on the electoral commission’s website show a huge lead for President Magufuli.

Lissu, who ran on Chama Cha Demokrasia na Maendeleo (Chadema) said the figures that were announced by the National Electoral Commission cannot be verified. “The results that have been announced since yesterday and which the Electoral Commission continues to announce today are, therefore, illegitimate. They do not reflect the true will of the millions of Tanzanian people who turned up at polling stations.

Lissu said that his party will not accept the results from the polls and urged masses to take matters into their own hands by enganging in peaceful demonstrations.

This was not an election by both Tanzanian and international laws. It was just a gang of people who have just decided to misuse state machinery to cling to power,” Mr Lissu said.

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