Youth council want youths involved in country’s leadership

National Youth council [photo: LinkedIn]

Oct, 27th 2020 – The national youth council now says that the BBI report should be categorical on how the youth will be involved in the country’s leadership.

The council said, “The BBI has given with one hand and taken with another. we had four assured positions in nominations positions, two in senate and two in the national assembly. At the very minimum, those should remain. we hope that that could be listened to and implemented.

Addressing the media, the council’s leadership says the tax breaks in business was a good idea but the youth need leadership positions to influence the decision making in government.  

Speaking on behalf of the council, Abigail Zuena, a consultant in the council applauded the report, for the creation of a youth commission, insisted that the commission should only be led by young people.

She said, “The qualifications for a presidential candidate is still that a candidate should be 35 years and above and that should be something that the BBI should address.

She also addressed the issue on youth people’s inclusivity in executive positions addressed in the BBI. “These executive positions that the BBI is addressing should include the young people, so that the young people do not feel excluded from this conversation.

The council also emphasized on the need for the persons appointed for the youth commission to be young people of the country.

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