Italy: Protests erupt over new Covid-19 measures

Protestors against new covid-19 measures [photo: The guardian]

Oct 27th 2020 – Violent protests have broke out across Italy over the new restrictions put in place to curb the second wave of Covid-19. In major cities including Turin, clashes have been reported where petrol bombs were thrown at officers. Demonstrators lit flares and let off firecrackers while the police in riot gear fought them off with tear gas.

Earlier this year, the lockdown was complied with peacefully but the announcement of the renewed measures has been met with immediate pushback. The demonstrations started soon after the government ordered closure of bars, restaurants, gyms and cinemas effective from 1800 hours.

In Milan, protestors were dispersed by use of teargas while violence was also reported in Naple. Protestors in Milan clashe with the police while chanted in the streets saying, “Freedom, Freedom, Freedom!

Small businesses have argued that they are still recovering from the first lockdown and they could be left bankrupt with the second lockdown. A number of luxury stores including Gucci boutique in Central Turin have been ransacked by the crowds and goods spilled into the streets right after the rules came into force.

In this month of October, Italy has tightened rules four times. First off, the rule of requiring masks outdoors, then trimming restaurant hours, then granting mayors the power to institute curfews at night and the latest which is a more forceful step, ordering bars and restaurants to close at 6pm.

Protests have taken place in dozens of cities including Rome, Trieste, Genoa and Palermo.

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