ACK Archbishop Jackson Ole Sapit says no to politics on the pulpit.

ACK Archbishop Jackson Ole Sapit now say the pulpit should be guarded from politicians who want to take advantage of the fellowship to campaign ahead of the 2022 election.

Speaking at the Mombasa ACK Church during the start of the week-long celebration of the church’s golden jubilee in Kenya,  Ole Sapit added that the church should not be used as a battle ground for politics but also maintained that everyone is welcome in church but sit on the pews.

“We must guard the pulpit in the church so that even if somebody comes to worship, then their space is in that pew,” said Ole Sapit.

The sentiments by the ACK leader come even as politicians continue to take advantage of the Sunday gatherings to pass their political messages and attack each other on political grounds.

On the recently released BBI report Ole Sapit said they will interrogate its content and give their advise to the congregation on the way forward. He called on all Kenyans not to dismiss or support the report without reading and understanding it .

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