President Uhuru Terms The Boda-Boda Industry a Powerhouse

Oct 23rd 2020 – President Uhuru Kenyatta has described the Boda Boda sector, as a sleeping giant that needs to be awakened.

Speaking at the Pumwani Social Hall in Nairobi, during the signing of the Boda Boda Collective Investment Scheme, between the Boda Boda Safety association, KCB bank and , RUBiS Energy Kenya, the president said, the sector, needs to be refined.

He also termed the industry, as a critical player, in developing the country’s economy, saying the boda boda business, generates more than 357 Billion shillings annually.

If collectively you make approximately 1 billion shillings a day, already you are a powerhouse, and that is why the boda boda investment scheme, I believe is a timely idea,” said the Head of State.

The president also urged the operators, to find innovative solutions, to tap into available opportunities.

Speaking at the same time, ICT Cabinet Secretary Joe Mucheru, said, the scheme is part of a plan, to enhance accountability, in a sector, that has gained notoriety, for disregarding existing laws.

Mucheru also said, the money from the scheme, will help in creating more job opportunities, in line, with the government’s agenda to create employment opportunities, for Kenyans.

He further said, the government plans to create similar structures, for other sectors, including farmers, salons and barber shops.

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