NMS Boss suffers huge blow as CS Yatani declines to release funds

Nairobi Metropolitan Services Director General Mohammed Badi [Photo: People Daily]

October, 23rd 2020 – The Nairobi Metropolitan Service, has suffered a major setback, after the national Treasury, declined release of funds, to pay the salaries of 6,052 seconded staff.

Treasury Cabinet Secretary Ukur Yatani, cited lack of legal provisions, that funds can be released to the Major General Mohammed Badi. He also noted that the funds, can only be released, to the Nairobi County Government through the County Revenue Fund.

In a letter dated 15th October, addressed to Nairobi Metropolitan Services Director General Mohammed Badi, the CS highlighted that section 4(2) of CARA, 2020 provides that each county government allocation shall be transferred to the respective County Revenue Fund.

Yatani said, “The above legal provisions therefore imply that Equitable share allocation due to the Nairobi County Government including monies for personnel emoluments shall be transferred to the NCCG Revenue Fund Account.”

The CS said that there are ongoing investigations on the deed transfer after Nairobi County Government issued a dispute declaration notice in accordance with article 11.2 of the deed transfer on 24th July 2020.

The article states that the parties shall first aspire to resolve the disputes rising from the deed through negotiations.

In addition, Yatani said, he is waiting for guidance, from the Office of the Attorney General, on the way forward.

Yatani said, “Given the above legal provisions and the ongoing negotiations, the National Treasury awaits further guidance from the office of the attorney general on the way forward on the above issues.”

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