I arrive at work earlier than usual, hoping that I won’t find Topper inside the office. I walk past Bev’s desk and I notice all my stuff have been moved. With my fingers crossed tightly, I walk straight to my new office. Or is it our new office. I roll my eyes at the thought of sharing this office with the one last person I couldn’t imagine. Then my palm holds the cold doorknob and I twist it as my eyes get glued on the ‘C. E. O’ label on the door. Slowly, I push the heavy, wooden door open and a little excitement fills me and a smile begins forming on my face but it immediately fades away as soon as I spot Topper at the corner of the room right after I’ve opened the door wide open. His broad back is facing me and his hands are crossed behind him. 

I choose to ignore him and my eyes scan the room and land on a new desk where I can see some familiar things which are mine. With one foot in front of the other, I begin walking towards the desk but he speaks and I stop. 

“You’re in quite early today,” he says as he walks in front of the window and stares down at the beautiful scenery of the city down below. The rays of the sun are making it hard to get a better view of his face and I pray inwardly that he doesn’t turn around. 

“Didn’t expect to find you here so early either,” I say and walk behind my desk and sit down, fighting the urge to scream. He’s annoying the life out me and I haven’t even been in here for five minutes!

The awkwardness filling the office is super intense and the silence that follows is quite loud if you ask me. I choose that moment to switch on my computer and I notice that he’s now turned around and is facing me. I sigh heavily. 

“Stop staring at me,” I say and he shrugs. 

“I can’t help it,” he says, his face full mischief. 

I pinch the brim of my nose and wince. 

“I don’t know how dumb you think I am, but just so you know, your banter, lies and sweet nothings won’t work on me anymore. You have a girlfriend–” he cuts me off and sits in front of his desk. 

“She’s not my girlfriend,” he points out and I shake my head. 

“But you two have been dating… So if she’s not your girlfriend yet, do you plan on breaking her heart by pampering her and then leaving her high and dry when she expects you to ask her to be yours? Huh? She’s my best friend, you know,” I say and look away from him. 

“If she truly is your best friend, then, why doesn’t she know that you and I–” 

“Shut up,” I say angrily through gritted teeth. 

“As I said, it’s only you that I want. I don’t want her. She’s not my type anyway,” he says while pocketing his hands and turning back to the window and rage shoots up to my brain and I slam my hands on my desk and stand up. 

“If she isn’t your type then why are you leading her on? You should have told her that things can’t work out. But nooo… you chose to buy her loyalty and time by being the naturally despicable you,” I spit, “If you won’t tell her then I will,” I say, panting like I just finished running a marathon. 

“Go ahead. She won’t believe you. You know what? I was surprised to know that you two are actually best friends. I only knew of err… what was her name again? Nancy? Yeah, how is she by the way?” he smiles and I fight the urge to throw a book on his face. He’s the most irritating human on earth! 

“Way to switch topics. If you must know, I am not interested in talking about my friends with you. I’ve got work to do and so do you. I didn’t get this position just to walk in here every morning and argue with you,” I say as I sit back on my seat and pat my curly hair. From the corner of my eye, I see him taking off his coat and rolling up the sleeves of his white button down shirt and adjusts his black tie in a sophisticated way and I snort. 

“Fine then. Let’s get to work,” he says and sits down and begins tapping away on his keyboard. Our desks are adjacent to each other and every move he makes, I notice and that’s a distraction. Minutes later when I have had enough of seeing him move, placing his hands behind his head, him scratching his chin, tilting his head, spinning around in his chair, I groan and stand up. Noisily, I drag the desk on the floor making him wince at the noise and I place it at a spot where I can’t see him even from the corner of my eye. I push the desk next to the wall such that I’ll be sitting at a corner with a wall on my side and another in front of me. He’ll now be facing my back. 


After pulling my chair and everything else. I settle down and heave a sigh of relief. We both work in silence for two hours straight until the manager walks in, asks to get some files signed. They are lots and lots of files. He hands them to me and leaves and when I check, they require both our signatures. I sign all of them and quickly carry them and drop them onto Toppers desk and begin walking away. 

“What are these for?” he asks and clears his throat. I turn around and fake a smile. 

“Didn’t you hear what we were just told? You’re supposed to sign all of them too. Now don’t talk me again. I want to enjoy the feeling of being a CEO in peace,” I say with a raised chin and pride. 

He chuckles and bites the back of his pen and I frown at him. 

“You’re amazing, do you know that? I’m glad Mr. Lawrence made a wise decision. It’s now you and me, baby. Whether you like it or not,” he chortles and I walk straight to his desk and I grab his shirt and pull him off his chair. 

“Feisty,” he smirks at me and I push him back onto his chair. 

“If you don’t behave, I’ll be forced to tell Mr. Lawrence,” I say, glaring at him. 

“Or else what?” he asks, straightening his shirt and tie. 

“Or I will–” I’m cut off by someone opening the door. It’s Beverly. She’s wearing an ear to ear smile, you’d think her face is going to tear apart. Once she closes the door behind her, she does a happy dance. 

“Oh my goodness! I can’t believe my eyes. My babe and my bestie working together. I can get a day off any time I want, right?” she laughs and tiptoes to Topper’s desk and kisses him lightly on the lips while sitting on his lap.

“Good morning, honey,” she says cheerily. 

What a nightmare. 

Written by: Anthea Kioko

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