Ex-IEBC commissioner awarded 2.6M over wife’s death

Former IEBC Commissioner Thomas Letangule [photo: Nation]

A City hospital has been ordered to pay former IEBC Commissioner Thomas Letangule SH2.6 million, for negligence over the death
of his wife during childbirth seven years ago.

Family Care hospital has been ordered to pay the amount after Esther Kagwira Letangule died during delivery of their third born child in their hospital.

Letangule said that his wife had gone for the usual antenatal checkup with complaints of severe headache and blurred vision. He recalls his wife going on about her duties on the fateful day. “Esther woke up early and made breakfast for the family. She was normal and there was nothing to show that there was anything abnormal. She even dropped my child at school and walked to the facility for a check up.

He added that his wife was admitted at the facility at around 9am but her treatment delayed which worsened her situation and died on the same day at 5pm.

The Medical practitioners and Dentists Board, after conducting an inquiry, found that her death was as a result of negligence as she suffered a brain haemorrhage caused by high blood pressure during delivery.

On Thursday 22nd October 2020, Justice Lucy Njuguna ruled that it was clear from the evidence presented in Court that the deceased underwent hours of prolonged suffering and due to the medical negligence by Family care, she died.

Njuguna said that the hospital staff didn’t treat Kagwira’s condition with the seriousness it deserved. She added that it is the duty of a doctor to provide the patient with reasonable care. “If a doctor does not act with reasonable care and skill in dealing with a patient, then that would be negligence.

Thomas filed the case in April 2015 where he sought special damages of sh1.65 million and general damages.

Letangule said, “Even though the award may sound minimal, as a family we are happy that we found closure. It has been seven years, I think justice has been served.

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