Waititu on bed rest, Magistrate warns against adjourning graft case

Left: former Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu, right: Magistrate Thomas Nzioki [photo: Nation]

Thursday, 22nd October – The prosecution team, handling former Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu’s 588 million shillings graft case, has been given, the leeway, to verify, the authenticity, of medical notes, claiming, he is sick.

Waititu, had in August-this-year, told the court, he tested positive for CoVID-19, prompting the court to adjourn the matter. Yesterday,
the former county chief, through Lawyer John Swaka, told the court , he is still unwell. He produced treatment notes, from SuperCare Medical Centre,  indicating he has been placed, on bed rest, for seven days.

Part of the report read, “Patient has been advised to continue with bed rest for a further seven days starting from 17 to 24 October. He is due for medical review on October 26 for further medical guidance.”

Magistrate Thomas Nzioki, however, took issue with how the case has been proceeding, saying he will not entertain any further adjournments. He has directed all the accused persons involved in the case involving Waititu to attend hearing.

He said, “I don’t know whether it’s deliberate that you are telling me your client will not appear, going by this letter. Kindly advise him that his presence is required in court on 26 October. We are going to get a little bit strict. Let people attend hearings.”

Waititu is scheduled for further review on October 26, when his graft case is expected to commence and the magistrate expects Waititu to attend the hearing.

Let people attend hearings. I don’t want to hear adjournments. Don’t come and generate another medical opinion. Let’s stand and hear matters that’s where justice lies,” he said.

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