ICT CS Mucheru : COVID-19 is Not Just a Health Concern

ICT CS JOE MUCHERU. [Photo: Daily Nation]

Oct 22nd 2020 – The  Cabinet Secretary for the Ministry of ICT, Innovation and Youth Affairs, Joe Mucheru, has urged other ministries, and stakeholders from both the public and private sectors, to boost the fight against COVID-19.

Speaking while presiding over the opening of the Aga Khan University Symposium, on COVID-19 Response, Mr. Mucheru said, although COVID-19 is largely a health issue, its containment is not a singular health response. 

When coronavirus struck in 2019 and was reported in Wuhan, China, none of us could have anticipated it would spread across the world. When later Egypt announced Africa’s first  Covid-19 case, it’s reality became stuck. We knew then, it was only a matter of time, it struck us,” he said.

The COVD-19 conference was held at the Serena Hotel, in Nairobi.

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