Aisha Jumwa pleads not guilty to murder charges

Aisha Jumwa [photo: Citizen TV]

October, 22nd 2020 – Malindi MP Aisha Jumwa and her Aide Geoffrey Otieno have pleaded not guilty at the Mombasa high court where they are being tried for murder charges.

The two are in court after undergoing a mental medical test as recommended by judge Njoki Njoroge during their previous court session last week. The defense lawyer Danstan Omari has applied for release on bail for Jumwa and the co-accused as the case goes to hearing.

The office of the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) approved murder and assault charges against the two accused following the killing 48 year old Jola Ngumbao and injury of several others during the Ganda ward By-elections campaigns in 2019. The prosecution has pleaded with the court to be granted two hours to file for an affidavit to oppose the bond terms.

Earlier, the judge briefly postponed the plea following a mix up of the mental assessment reports for Aisha which the court noted that it bore a signature which is not for a psychiatric known for conducting assessments in Mombasa.

The prosecutors however explained that signature on the report belongs to a colleague who is currently in charge as the medic who appends signatures is retired. Prosecutors Alloys Kemo and Jammy Yamina then asked the court to continue as they wait for the report but the judge rejected their plea.

The case was then allowed to carry on after the prosecutions and defendants cleared the matter. DPP Noordin Haji approved a murder charge against the MP.

Aisha Jumwa and her Aide Geoffrey Otieno

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