“People” album review – Jonathan McReynolds

Jonathan McReynolds

The albums that have dropped this year have been nothing short of breathtaking! Our believer ears have truly been blessed this year. The album review series cannot be complete if we do not talk about Jonathan McReynold’s 2020 album “People”.

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The album dropped with an additional feature that spiced it up ; a visual accompaniment. It starts off with “Best thing” where Jonathan manages to remind us that it is not necessary to try and figure out life all by ourselves. Jesus Christ is here to walk us through life. We specifically love the line that he says, “I gain control when I give it to you”. This is a nice reminder to not lean on our own understanding but on God’s wisdom.

The second song on the album is “People”. I guess this song was so good he named the whole album after it. It talks about how people are flawed and how we get disappointed by people. Most importantly, for all have fallen short of the glory, he wraps the song up by asking God to forgive him for also being like all the people he was complaining about. This reminds us that we are all not perfect and in need of God’s mercy.

“Cathedral” comes up next and he becomes vulnerable. He asks God to do a work in him. He acknowledges that he is not worthy of God’s audience but God being so good he always listens. That’s the God that we serve. Isn’t that something?

“Moving on” which features Mali Music is a fan favorite. They talk about leaving the past behind and moving forward. Everybody can relate to this. We all want to forget our failures or at least learn from them. So if you ask me, these are one of the songs that make you yell out “PREACH!”

The tail end of the album has three very powerful songs. “Situation” talks about letting God do His work. Sometimes we dictate terms to God yet he had bigger plans for us. Sometimes all we need to do is invite God to our situations and keep calm. “He knows” reminds us that everyone has a testimony that they may not share with people but the individual and God both know what’s up.

Lastly, the album has a nice final ribbon to it which is a song called “Grace”. Everything from the musical arrangement to the theme was excellent. We were reminded of God’s undying grace that we need even when we feel like we are doing great all by ourselves. Jonathan brought in a choir to “take us to church” and it worked so well.

If you haven’t listened to this album yet or watched the visual album we highly suggest that you do! We wish Jonathan McReynolds all the best in his quest to do God’s work.

  • Review by Brian Muok

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