Mandera Governor initiates ramps for the disabled

Mandera Governor Ali Robahas [photo: The Star]

Wednesday, 21st 2020 – Mandera Governor Ali Robahas directed his officials to ensure all public buildings, offices, markets and Early Childhood Development Education Centres have ramps and facilities for easy access for persons living with disabilities.

He said this is part of his efforts to set standards, regulations and provide services to the group.

The governor calls for an end to the discrimination and stigma against people with disabilities and warned parents against denying them an education. “It’s a bad practice that must be stopped because the affected persons are part of us.

He then directed the County Public Service Board to ensure that all qualified persons with disability are encouraged to apply for jobs at the county government and be offered opportunity in line with constitutional requirements.

He has promised to set aside sh500,000 for individuals or groups who show innovation in their businesses and their work place.

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