DP William Ruto stays clear BBI debate

Deputy President William [Ruto photo: the informer.co.ke]

Tuesday, 20th October – Deputy President William Ruto has steered clear of the BBI debate but pointed out that a national dialogue will be important when the report is released.

The DP who has been critical of the BBI in his rallies chose to focus on the development record of the Jubilee government and the initiative to bring national celebrations in counties.

Ruto on Wednesday decided to praise the hustlers’ as the real mashujaas of the day as the country celebrates Mashujaa day. He stayed clear of giving known heroes and heroines the spotlight and instead decided to praise the ordinary Kenyans hustling on a daily basis.

Rooting for hustler movement in his 2022 presidential campaigns, he said that the ordinary Kenyan who works tirelessly to spur the economy should be celebrated, “Millions of ordinary Kenyans in towns and cities who wake up early and sleep late, in offices, factories, in farms, and in all other places working hard for our nation diligently with commitment, determination, with passion, and with integrity to make meaning to our independence and continue the journey of making our nation free. To them too, we celebrate them as our Mashujaas because of what they do on a daily basis.”

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