“RESTORATION” – Lecrae (Album review)

This year Lecrae blessed us with yet another album dubbed “Restoration”. Throughout the album, he displays music mastery with a sense of vulnerability through his deep and personal lyrics. Lecrae is not a stranger to opening up. It is through this that he manages to grasp the love and attention of so many people.

To start this review off, let’s look at the song called “Restore me”. Lecrae talks about childhood traumas that he thought were done and dusted. Instead, they show up in his older age. He even confesses that he contemplated suicide but through prayer, he was able to pull through. Records like these are important because they de-stigmatize mental health issues. He manages to pass a message of hope to the listener through being open about his situation.

“Set me free” featuring YK Osiris is a fan favorite. He samples the classic track “Shackles” by Mary Mary which works out beautifully. We love that he gives a young artist a chance to shine on this song. As a veteran in the industry, I am sure this was a “big brother” move for him. He talks about how people left him at a hard time all alone but God never did. Amen to that! God never leaves His people.

On a track like “Wheels up”, he talks about his state of mind as an artist. He also talks about his priorities and how God is greater that all his troubles. The visuals to this song are very mind-bending and artistic. He gets really serious on “Over the top”! He addresses illuminati rumors and clearly states that awards and plaques do not keep his soul intact. Lecrae shows that he is not controlled by vanity as he is seen breaking his plaques and burning a stack of money in the visuals, ouch!

We love the skits on this album! On “Saturday Night” we hear someone waking Lecrae up who seems to be his mother. This comes after the song being about the glamorous life of a rapper which is clearly not a real life. Therefore, the “Waking up” is a double meaning of waking up from the dream as well as waking up from a false reality. Genius.

Lecrae talks about finding himself on this album quite a lot. On a song like “Self discovery” he talks about finding himself not only from a native point of view but also in Christ. The song “Deep end” was very timely. This is because by the time the album was dropping, the “BLACK LIVES MATTER” movement was at his peak with the murder of George Floyd and many others. He talked about racial discrimination on this song and merged it with his faith which was excellent.

All the other songs of the album were also very well put together. These include “Sunday morning”, “Zombie”, “Only human” and “Nothing left to hide”. However, we cannot complete this review without talking about “Drown”, an absolute fan favorite. He features John Legend on this track and the theme is showing absolute dependence on God. This is one of those songs that just make you throw your hands in the air and let God listen to your heart. They did a marvelous job on this one.

Finally, Lecrae rolled out his album with a book release. His new book “I Am Restored” is also out now in stores. I haven’t come around to reading it but I am sure its a treat for the Christian audience.

We love Lecrae and we wish him the absolute best in his ministry.

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