Officer who slashed lawyer’s hand to be suspended

Constable Nancy Njeri [photo: people daily]

19th October 2020 – Police Constable Nancy Njeri who slashed the hands of lawyer Onesmus Masaku is on suspension following the death of the lawyer at Kenyatta Hospital on 18th October.

Njeri was arraigned in court on the 9th of October and was charged with causing grievous harm. reports indicated that she was a former lover to the deceased.

It is alleged that the two had an altercation at the lawyers house before the incident occurred. Initial police reports indicated that the officer acted in self defense after the lawyer attempted to rape her.

The rape allegations were later rubbished after an investigation showed that she had gone to the lawyer’s house prepared to attack him.

Speaking to journalists on Monday, Law Society of Kenya southern branch chairperson Mutisya Mutia said, “The DPP will be substituting an earlier charge of causing grievous harm to murder charge.

She will stay in custody at Wote police station as ordered by a magistrate’s court for 14 days. Her case is set to be heard on 23rd of October. The decision was arrived at after the lawyer succumbed to the injuries he sustained.

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