Italy tightens Covid-19 measures after cases surge

Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, [photo: sky sports]

19th October 2020 – Italy has announced a new raft of measures to tighten restrictions amid surge in coronavirus cases.

Mayors will get powers to close public areas after 9pm and the opening times of restaurant and the size of groups allowed will tighten. The move is as a result of the country recording the highest daily infections rate for the second day in a row.

Italy recorded a further 11,705 new cases yesterday, beating the previous record of 10, 925.

Italy was the European nation hardest hit at the start of the pandemic. It has now recorded 414,000 confirmed cases and 36,500 deaths.

Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte in a televised address said, “We cannot waste time, we must put in place measures to avoid a generalized lockdown, which could severely compromise the economy.

He then added, “The most effective measures remain the basic precautions: mask, distance and hand hygiene. We must pay attention to situations where we let our guard down – with relatives and friends. In these situations, the maximum precaution is required.

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