Kenya Marks World International Food Day

Agriculture PS Hamadi Boga. [Photo: The Standard]

16th Oct 2020 – Kenya, has today joined the rest of the world, in marking World International Food Day.

In light, of the current pandemic this year, the day is celebrated under the theme  – Grow, nourish, sustain. Together. Our actions are our future.

Speaking from Embu County, Agriculture Principal Secretary, Hamadi Boga, said the day, symbolizes the importance of food and life, as the government seeks, a lasting solution to food insecurity.

The PS said, it was anticipated that the COVD-19 pandemic, would have an impact on food security and that if not checked, might lead to a food crisis. 

To avoid this the Ministry then, averted a system that would ensure food security. 

The system put focus on three deliverables; access, availability and the cost. 

Farmers had to go on producing, while the government, developed guidelines for that as well. Markets remained open and distributors, had to also continue moving amid the lockdown.

He cited, that some of the restrictions put in place to curb the spread of coronavirus, did not have any negative impact on agriculture.

He also said, the Agriculture Ministry, has developed a system called E-Voucher, which facilitates farmers with access to subsidized soil testing services, fertilizers and other inputs to increase production. 

The system which will support 200 farmers, is 40% paid for by the government, while  60% is paid by the farmers.

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