Investigations underway for the disappearance of Thika town tycoon.

Tension has risen in Thika town where the wife (Lucy Wahu) of millionaire Julius Gitau and their driver (Geoffrey Wachira) are under investigation for his mysterious disappearance. The probe has entered its 24th day where the two suspects are believed to be giving misleading information to the authorities.

Lucy Wahu and Geoffrey Wachira claim that The tycoon went missing after driving on his truck to the gym leaving behind 8 of his cars. They further claim that they both went to work using public service vehicles since all of Gitau’s cars had run out of petrol. The two also reported the missing man to be 60 years of age, while investigations show he was born in 1976 and is aged 44.

However, Kiambu Business Community Chairman Alfred Wanyoike disputed the narrative since all his eight vehicles were in good condition. Mr. Wachira who is Lucy’s nephew claimed that he received instructions from Gitau saying he found Gitau’s phone ringing inside the cabin and switched it off. He also found a masking tape and a suicide note that hinted that its author had lost hope in life due to financial stress and had decided to jump into a river.

The frosty relations are blamed for the continued closure of his businesses since they are yet to agree on who among them should be the estate’s acting administrator in their husband’s absence.

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