Great! Just great!

There was no way I could question Mr. Lawrence’s final decision. It was a ‘take it or leave it’ kind of moment. I have always wanted to get a promotion but I never pictured it to be this way. Working alongside Topper. I feel like my insides are boiling and everything is about to spew all over the place.

Once Mr. Lawrence goes offline, the rest of the board members congratulate me and they begin walking out one by one.

My mind feels all clogged up. I can’t think straight at all. Topper startles me when he places his heavy arm across my shoulders.

“Hey, partner,” he chuckles and I push his arm off of my shoulders and walk right past him.

When I am out of the board room, every person I come across congratulates me and I have to force a fake smile and say thank you. At my desk, I find the manager standing next to Bev.

“From the beginning of next week, you and Mr. Lexington will be sharing an office. It’s big enough for the two of you. I will organize a proper desk for you, Miss Kline, and have all your stuff moved,” he says and my fake smile grows even wider.

When he walks away I huff and place my palm on my forehead. My head is pounding, I feel like I have just been hit by a sledgehammer or something.

“Congratulations, boo. Oh, how I wish I were you. It’s not fair that you’re going to be working in the same room, with my man! Urgh! Why is life so unfair?” Beverly asks no one in particular and I shrug.

“You don’t look too happy about it, what’s wrong, Meg?” she furrows her brows and holds my forearm.

“I’m just having a massive headache. And a bad day–” she cuts me off.

“I heard they grilled you will pretty difficult questions in there, I understand, but cheer up girlfriend, you’re a CEO now,” she chirps.

“Acting co-CEO,” I remind her, “I’ll still go back to my position when Mr. Lawrence comes back. What is the point of all of this again?” I rub a hand across my face.

“Girl, there are people out there who would do anything, and I mean anything, just to be in your position. So cheer up,” Bev says, “You know what, I will be buying two large pizzas, chicken and some fries. I will spoil you tonight, why don’t you call Nancy over. She doesn’t know I came back… Or did you tell her I did?”

“Nope! I barely had the time to text or call anyone during the weekend apart from you and Dylan who were helping me out,” I say as I open a drawer and shove my files inside and lock it.

“Great then. Call her but don’t tell her I’ll be there. I want to see her shocked face when she sees me,” Bev chuckles, “See you in the evening,” she says and walks away.

I’ve had bad days but calling this day a bad one, is an understatement. Today feels like I just got ran over by a truck and a stampede and got hit by wrecking ball in the face.


When Bev and I are finally at home, Nancy rings the doorbell a couple of minutes after we arrive. Bev, with all the enthusiasm in the world, hides behind the couch.

“Hey, Meg? What’s the emergency?” Nancy asks as soon as I open the door for her and walks straight inside, dumping her purse on the couch and Bev leaps upwards screaming.


Nancy throws her hands in the air aimlessly and nearly trips over the coffee table and I rush to steady her.

“Bev! You’re back! And you almost killed me. You scared me, geez! I think I just got a mini heart attack,” Nancy complains and she pants for air and pats her chest while she sits down. “When did you come back?”

“Last week. How I missed you,” Bev says and she pulls Nancy into a hug, “Guess what happened at work today?”

“What?” Nancy glances at me for a second and looks away. My face reads ‘I am NOT in the mood for anything right now’.

Bev explains everything to Nancy, except that she doesn’t mention Topper’s name.

As we are busy munching on the different delicacies Bev bought, I find myself stuffing my mouth with lots of food so that I don’t have to talk.

“Slow down, we have plenty of food, sis,” Bev says and I grab a soda, open it and glug it down halfway, burp carelessly and tell Nancy to pass me more pizza. She stares at me, pondering for a moment.

“Are you sure you’re okay? You’re acting weird,” Nancy says as she places three slices of pizza into my plate and hands it back to me.

“I had a terrible day. Hey Bev, why don’t you tell Nancy about your new guy?” I say sarcastically as I bite a slice and chew like a feral animal.

“Oh,” Bev squeals and claps her hands rapidly, “Nancy, I met this guy in Miami, and then he…” for the rest of the time that she narrates her story about how she met Topper, I choose to block everything out.

“So what does he do for a living?” Nancy asks.

“Oh, he’s our new boss,” Bev pulls me closer to her as she smiles widely. Nancy frowns a little.

“And what’s his name?” Nancy asks.

“His name is so cute. Sebastian. Yeah, his name is Sebastian,” Bev lets out a sharp squeak that makes Nancy and I place our hands on our ears.

“Sorry about that,” Bev chuckles, “He just makes me go crazy, you know,” she says and downs her diet coke.

“Alright, sounds great,” Nancy points out sarcastically.

“Really great, I tell you,” I reply sarcastically, as I lean back on the couch.

At around 8P.M, Bev leaves and Nancy does not even wait for a second.

“Tell me this is all a lie,” she says and I shrug.

“If both of us could be lying to you, do you think Bev would have narrated that story for nothing? Nope. Topper and I are now co-CEO’s. And it bothers me,” I say.

“Does she know?” Nancy asks.

“What? That Topper is my ex? No. Didn’t you hear her call him by his first name? Everyone calls him by his second name,” I say.

“Your life officially sucks,” Nancy says.

“I know,” I say as I begins flipping the channels.

Written by: Anthea Kioko

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