Kenya, UK Set to Co-host an Education Summit Next Year

President Uhuru and UK PM Johnson at State House Nairobi, during talks in March 2017. [Photo: Capital News]

Oct 12th 2020 – Kenya and the United Kingdom, will co-host a high level Education summit in 2021. 

The summit will raise funds for the Global Partnership for Education (GPE), which intends to raise at least 5 US billion dollars.

In a statement released by the Global Partnership for Education (GPE), President Uhuru Kenyatta and  Prime Minister Boris Johnson noted that, the Covid-19 pandemic,  has worsened the global education crisis, with 1.3 billion children, including 650 million girls dropping out of schools.

The Kenyan government has been a GPE partner since the year 2005, making impressive gains, achieving universal primary education for both boys and girls.

President Uhuru says the government will utilize the opportunity of the organization’s financing summit, to make ambitious pledges to invest in quality education, that will allow the children, and young people acquire quality skills and knowledge.

An educated population is a country’s most valuable resource. GPE has been a key partner in helping us invest in innovative solutions to get all our children, especially girls, learning,” said the Head of State.

Education unlocks doors to opportunity and prosperity. It offers girls a ticket out of poverty and exploitation to chart their own futures,” said Prime Minister Johnson.

That’s why I am delighted that the UK will co-host the replenishment of the Global Partnership for Education in 2021. I urge the global community to come together, dig deep and ensure we fund their vital work to give every child the chance at an education, he added.

The money will be used for education in the world’s most vulnerable countries.

The partnership also intends to curb poverty, as well as prevent the girl-child from early forced marriages.

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