Judgment upon suspected Westgate Mall terror attackers postponed

The sentencing of three suspects linked to a terror attack in the Westgate mall, which happened in September 2013, has been postponed. Chief magistrate Francis Andayi said Monday that the judgment was not ready for delivery as some sections needed to be tied up.

Hussein Hassan Mustafah, Liban Abdullahi Omar and Mohamed Ahmed Abdi were arrested in the weeks after the attack on Westgate Mall in Nairobi. A number of charges were brought against them including conspiracy to commit a terrorist act, aiding a terrorist group and being in the country illegally. A fourth suspect had previously been set free.

Heavy smoke that was seen from the Westgate Mall (Photo William Oreri)

At least 7 people were killed in the attack. though the incident happened 7 years ago, Prosecutors have spent a sufficient amount of time of up to 5 years investigating the story and managed more than 145 witnesses offering to give testimony.

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