On 23rd June 2020, at exactly 10:17 PM, a popular Kenyan actor cum producer took to twitter and spoke to the universe.

“I just wanna see one of my films on Netflix though, a man can dream,” Nicholas Munene Mutuma tweeted. 

Four months down the line, his wish has come true through his directed movie ‘Sincerely Daisy’. The trailer was released on September 2 and through the comments so far, there is anticipation for the first-ever Kenyan movie scheduled to premiere on Netflix.

A very excited Nick Mutuma took to his social media platforms to share the great news with his fans while appreciating the casts behind the incredible movie and stressing that he is proud of the fact that they are exporting Swahili and telling our stories on a global platform. 

“Kenya is late to the party but we are finally on @Netflix  premiering this Friday, 9th October,” he said. “70% of the dialogue in the film is Swahili.”

Nick Mutuma’s ‘Sincerely Daisy’, will be telling the story of a jovial high school graduate’s dream, romance, and confidence which are shaken when family and relationship drama put her plans for future in doubt.

The main actress is Ella Maina, who has earned herself a legion of fans by playing Shee on NTV’s show ‘Trap House‘.

Meanwhile, another great news in the film industry is that Disconnect will become the third Kenyan movie to make it to the international streaming platform.

The romantic comedy premiered first in 2018 starring Brenda Wairimu, Nick Mutuma, Patricia Kihoro, Pascal Tokodi, Catherine Kamau, Pierra Makena, and Brian Ogola

This is the third Kenyan movie uploaded on the streaming platform this year. 

Poacher‘, a film about a desperate farmer who runs into trouble after stealing a stash of blood ivory from a gang of international terrorists starring Brian Ogola, was the first to be uploaded to the platform this year. The movie has been available on Netflix since September 30th.

The future is indeed bright for the industry and we can’t wait for more wins!

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