WHO to investigate cases of sexual exploitation in DRC Hospitals

50 women in the Democratic Republic of Congo have accused the World Health Organisation and other aid agency staff of manipulating them with drinks, ambushing them in hospitals, and forced sexual exploitation which left two pregnant. These allegations cover the period between 2018 and March this year.

Close to a whole year’s investigation on this case has been done by WHO following their word that they really would. All this happened when DRC was fighting against Ebola where more than 2,000 people succumbed to the outbreak and later in June this year, WHO declared the outbreak over. WHO is set to investigate the allegations and says anyone found guilty will face serious consequences including immediate dismissal.

woman who was exploited by by a doctor during the Ebola response (Photo: Reuters)

The UN and aid agencies have previously promised zero tolerance of sexual abuse following similar allegations against some of their staff in other countries. Moreover, a spokesperson for the UK’s Foreign, Commonwealth, and Development Office stated that “Sexual exploitation and abuse are completely abhorrent. We regularly assess all of our partners against the highest safeguarding standards.”

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