Politicians urged to lead in curbing the spread of Covid-19

Sept 29th, 2020 – The Interfaith Council in the country, is now calling on political leaders to put on hold all political gatherings in order to avoid the spread of the coronavirus.

Chairperson Bishop Anthony Muheria, said with the meetings, it is difficult to maintain social distance and other ministry of health guidelines.

“We still need to walk together and protect one another, with hope that we can rise from the various situations and pray together, moving towards recovery. May we also be responsible for the lives of our brothers and sisters,”said Muheria.

In the Phase II worship places reopening protocols scheduled to begin on 2nd of October 2020, Muheria said, that group meetings and special service for youth and special groups will be allowed, provided they follow the provided set measurements.

We know how the last six months have been filled with fears, anxiety and sufferings. We however also celebrate the great sense of solidarity we all have experienced,” he said.

The call by the Interfaith Council comes a day, after President Uhuru Kenyatta, asked politicians to lead by example in adhering to the Ministry of Health (MOH)  guidelines.

“It is we, the political class especially, that is leading the church in defying the laid down protocols, so if at one point the virus continues to spread, we should criticize ourselves first before criticizing the citizens,” said the President.

The  Head of states issued new COVID-19 guidelines that take effect as from today. Among the new measurements, is an increase in the number of people attending religious meetings.

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