Chinese teacher sentenced to death for poisoning students

A Chinese Nursery teacher Ms. Wang Yun, has been sentenced to death for poisoning 25 children and killing one more. she is reported to have added Sodium Nitrate to the children’s morning porridge which caused 23 of them to faint and throw up. The court in Jiaozuo found her guilty and sentenced her to death.

Ms. Wang has in other incidents poisoned other people including her husband who suffered minor injuries. She was also found guilty of poisoning another teacher’s student’s porridge after arguments concerning student management issues. There are no immediate details about the child who succumbed to the poison.

The Global Times Newspaper’s report on Ms. Wang reads she is “despicable and vicious, and the consequences of her crimes were extremely serious, and she deserves to be severely punished.” Sodium Nitrate is used in curing meat and is highly harmful to human health when consumed in large amounts

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