One thing is clear, I am not in love with Topper!

He’s never changed one bit and I pity anyone who might have dated him in the last two years. He is full of pride and selfishness. I am walking as fast as I can, out of the restaurant. I wish I had my car right now, I would have just driven off, but lady luck is definitely not on my side.

Topper is rushing to catch up with me and I quicken my steps.

“Meghan, please–” he starts speaking but I cut him off.

“WHAT?!” I snap at him as I turn around, my hair slapping my face when I halt.

“Let’s go back and enjoy ourselves. Roni… she means nothing to me. She’s just an old fling–”

“Oh so now it’s ‘Roni’ and not Veronica, huh? An old fling you say?” I snort and scan him from his head to his shoes, “I’m not that stupid. She doesn’t look like an old fling. And she even had the audacity to call me your sister! Can you believe that? How disrespectful of her!” I yell at the top of my lungs and a few passersby pause to look at us but I ignore their curious eyes.

“Are you mad at me?” he asks, his shoulders lowering a little.

“Mad? I am beyond mad at you, Topper. Tell me, is that lady you just called your ‘old fling’, your current fling? Hmm? I pity her because if she’s really into you, she’s the one to suffer the most,” I say and begin to walk away but he grabs me by my forearm and yanks me back and my body slams against his hard chest, making me gasp loudly. His arm snakes its way around my waist and I get an uncomfortable feeling, so I begin to push him away, trying to escape his stronghold, but he’s holding me tightly.

“Let me go!” I yell and slap him but he doesn’t budge.

“Stop fighting. Calm down” he says as he looks deep into my eyes and that makes me want to slap him again.

Topper gesturing in indignation, arguing with Meghan who is standing against a wooden wall with folded arms, looking away with an offended expression on her face

“Who are you to tell me to calm down? You’re not my husband or anything near that. Now let me go. I told you things between us should remain official–” he cuts me off.

“But you accepted to go on a dinner date with me. Am I that irresistible, Meg? Tell me,” he says and he licks his luscious lips and watching him do that gives so many memories of him. I close my eyes and try to keep calm.

Calm down, Meghan. Just calm down.

He places a finger under my chin and tilts my face upwards.

“Open your eyes, Meg. I know you still want me. Stop resisting. I want us to get back together, give us a chance, please. I’ll do anything to have you back in my arms, take me back, Meghan,” he says and his grip loosens and I take that chance to move away from him, his cologne was starting to mess with my head and thank heavens I’m a few steps away from him. Only God knows what would have happened if he hadn’t let me go.

“There is no ‘Us’ and you better forget about me. There’s nothing between us and there will never be,” I state and turn around to walk away but he stops me and my hand automatically flies across his face, slapping him for the second time tonight. I think my hand has some loose bolts that need to be tightened.

“Why did you slap me? Twice! You’ve never slapped me, why did you do that?” he asks, as his eyes widen. He’s looking at me like I’ve just grown a second head.

“Because I can,” I squint my eyes at him and point at him, “Don’t even bother calling me during the weekend, I don’t need any negativity from you,” I hiss and he rubs his chin and snorts, a grin slowly forming on his face.

“Oh, so now I’m full of negativity, huh?” he asks.

“Yes! You always influence me to make bad decisions, like going to dinner with you tonight, and the thought of how we broke up, always breaks my heart and I don’t need that kind of negativity in my life,” I deadpan and exhale a breath I didn’t even know I was holding.

“Are we fighting?” he asks and I shake my head and laugh at his words.

“What do you think we’re doing? Eating Sushi in the middle of a parking lot? No!” I say and walk away.

“Meghan, at least let me take you home?” he begs as he jogs right beside me.

“So you can be terrorizing me at my own house any time you want? No way,” I say without looking at him, then I come to a sudden halt. “I loved you, Topper. I really did, with all my heart. But you failed me and you failed yourself too. I don’t love you anymore,” I tell him and he sighs heavily.

“Are you in love with someone else? Huh? Who is he? Tell me right now, I want to give him a piece of my mind,” he says through gritted teeth, his fists curled into tight balls on his sides.

“So what if I am in love with someone else? You can’t force people to love you back and you can’t force people to not love each other. Love is not forced,” I state, faking nonchalance and stare at the road, waiting for a cab so that I can flag it down and leave this toxic human.

“Are you… are you really in love with another man? Please tell me the truth,” he begs as he stands next to me.

“No,” I state blankly, and as if on cue, a cab appears and I stop it, open the door and turn to Topper, “See you at work,” I say and enter the cab and the driver speeds off.

Written by: Anthea Kioko

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