Tough visa Rules for Kenyan Students seeking education in the USA

President Donald Trump’s Government is planning a clampdown on open-ended Visas that will affect among others, Kenyan Student’s stay in the USA. A Proposal by the United States Department of Homeland Security is set to have student’s visas stay a minimum of 2 years.

“If DHS’s new proposed rule goes through, international students from countries like Nigeria, Kenya, Vietnam, and the Philippines would be effectively banned from getting four-year degrees in the US,” US Immigration lawyer Aaron Reinchlin-Melnick, who is a Policy Analyst at the American Immigration Council, warns.

US Immigration lawyer Aaron Reinchlin-Melnick

Although Kenyans have managed to seek extension of VISAs in past years, they will not be guaranteed the extensions beyond two years moving forward. This move is following about 3,451 students who defied the laws and overstayed.

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