North Korea’s president apologizes to South Korea for Killing its officer

North Korea’s supreme leader Kim Jong-un has sent out a personal apology to South Korea’s President moon jae-in, regarding the killing of a South Korean Official by North Korean forces. Kim’s apology was a letter that acknowledged that the incident shouldn’t have happened, he referred to it as a disgraceful affair and expressed his feeling of remorse for disappointing the South.

The border between the Koreas is tightly policed, and the North is thought to have a “shoot-to-kill” policy in place to prevent coronavirus from entering the country. “The troops could not locate the unidentified trespasser during a search after firing the shots, and burned the device under national emergency disease prevention measures,” Mr Suh told a briefing, referring to the North Korean account.

Kim Jong-Un North Korea’s supreme leader

South Korea’s director of national security, further stated that their officer was shot 10 times since he had entered the North, refusing to surrender his identity and trying to flee. The country’s National Security Council said the North could “not justify shooting and burning the corpse of our unarmed citizen who showed no sign of resistance”.

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