President Donald Trump blames China For rising Covid-19 cases in the US

Data from John Hopkins University states the covid-19 death toll has passed 200,000 in the United States. More than 6.8 Million positive cases have also been confirmed. Speaking on the matter, President Donald Trump has blamed China for the losses in America saying the new death toll is a horrible thing and China should have stopped the virus. 

Number of positive Covid-19 cases overtime – (Photo-JHU)

Presidential candidate Joe Biden blames Trump’s lies and incompetence in the last six months leading to massive loss of American lives. Among the states experiencing rising numbers of positive corona virus cases are North Dakota, Utah and Texas. Wisconsin has also extended a state of emergency for the third time since July 30.

There is growing concern that the cases might continue to rise in winter. US infectious disease expert Anthony Fauci braced Americans to wait on Autumn and winter. Moreover, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said the virus could spread through particles that remain in the air and advised on the use of air purifiers indoors. It revoked guidance earlier updated about airbone disease transmission saying that was “a draft version of proposed changes” and it had been “posted in error”.

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