Road works in Mombasa county proceed

Construction of the troublesome Makupa causeway that links Mombasa with Moi International Airport and the SGR, is underway. This road has for a long time been a disaster for Motorists entering Mombasa. 

Makupa Crossway (construction review)

Reports from the Kenya National Highway Authority say progress on the construction is impressive. They further reiterated saying Digo Road to Kibarani is complete and open for use by the public. They are currently working on the Changamwe roundabout road-over-rail section in Bangladesh and the Mikindani section.

Mombasa county is set to have a complete facelift, with the first phase of the Dongo Kundu bypass that connects Mombasa and Kwale counties is complete. The second and third phases of the Dongo Kundu-kibundani highway are also under construction.

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