Ministry requests Sh5 bn annually for Diplomats housing finance

The ministry of foreign affairs is asking for 5 billion shillings every year in a bid to cut down money spent on rental expenditure that currently stands at 3 billion shillings every year.

Foreign Affairs PS Ambassador Macharia Kamau

This request is set to run for 15 years with claims that the ministry will acquire at least 3 properties for foreign missions. The ministry further states that uncertain funding has led to cuts in their budget thus derailing their plans for replacement and maintenance of properties. A great example is construction in Pretoria and Mogadishu that have taken beyond 5 years as opposed to the intended 18 months as indicated in the contract.

In a statement, Foreign Affairs PS Ambassador Macharia Kamau, stated the current government owned properties in mission station abroad, were acquired in the early days of the country’s democracy hence, the need to upgrade.

Among the 10 Kenyan embassies said to be in disastrous conditions are New York (UN), Canada, Washington, Russia, Australia, Geneva, Japan, China, South Korea and the Los Angeles consulate.

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