MEGHAN MAE: Chapter 5


I have an extremely strong disliking for Mondays. I arrive at work ten minutes to 8 a.m. Kelly greets me and I nod at her without saying a word. I enter the elevator and once I’m on the fifth floor, I walk straight to my desk where I find a Starbucks coffee cup. I assume it’s Dylan who left it there but when I check the writing on it, I am filled with rage. Something deep in my stomach is brewing and I grit my teeth and put the cup back on my desk. I didn’t ask him to get me coffee and who even told him I needed any? We saw each other a few days ago after two whole years yet he’s acting like everything is fine. Huh! I’ll show him how “fine” I can get.

‘Good morning M.M’ it says with a smiley face at the end. I know it’s not Dylan who left it there because he usually hands me coffee him and only one person calls me by my initials. Topper.

Livid, I stomp my way into his office, with the coffee, without even the decency of knocking and I slam the door shut behind me. My chest is rapidly rising and falling as I stand in front of his large mahogany desk. My index finger pointed directly at him.

“You! Oh, you have some nerve, Topper. I told you to leave me alone,” I say through gritted teeth and I carelessly place the coffee on his table, nearly spilling it all over the files and papers.

“I see you got my good morning. I’ve been trying to call you all weekend but your phone must have been off and–” I cut him off, faster than you can say tumbleweed, and he’s caught by surprise.

“Listen here, Topper. I do not want to cross you in any way, since you’re my new boss, but you’ve got to leave me alone, I don’t need coffee or anything else from you. Did you get that? Stay. Away!” I say drilling an index finger into his chest.

“Calm down, Meg,” he raises his hands at me and I notice the black suit he’s wearing and the red tie. The tie…

I grab his tie and yank him forward, making him lean on the desk.

“It’s Meghan!” I spit on the floor and he looks a little astonished. He shakes his head when I let go of him and he straightens up his clothes and leans back on his chair and our eyes lock. The special magnet his eyes have always had is making me nervous, making my palms sweaty and my run throat as dry as the Kalahari Desert.

“Well, how in the world am I supposed to get to know the company better when you’re the one who’s worked here the longest? And you’re the only one I am free with, the manager sucks at explaining things. I was here all weekend with him but to be honest, I didn’t catch a thing he said,” he complains and rakes his fingers through his hair and huffs. “His accent is too thick to catch even a single word.”

He looks frustrated and I decide to calm down and listening to him; I do agree that the manager’s accent can be quite difficult to grasp anything he says. I pull the chair in front of his desk and I sit down.

“What do you want?” I ask nonchalantly, trying to look at anything else but his eyes.

“I need your help. I can’t do this all alone, Meg,” he begs and leans forward, trying to touch my hand but I move it away quickly and snort.

“Meghan. Let’s keep this strictly professional, okay? I will help but you have to promise me that you won’t pull anything funny on me,” I say and he agrees. I doubt he’ll stick to his promise. He’s always been bad at keeping promises. He once promised to get me a beautiful dress that I had been eyeing at the mall for days, but guess what? He didn’t. Instead, Nancy got it for me because she knew how bad I wanted it and I couldn’t afford it.

We sit there staring at each other for a couple of seconds, my impatience growing, when he breaks the icy silence.

“Anyway, how have you been? I missed you,” he tries to hold my hand again but I slap him instead. Does he think that I’m just going to sit here like a dummy and allow him to touch me just like nothing wrong ever happened between us? Well, he’s so wrong about that.

“I didn’t miss you at all and as you can see, clearly, I was doing better before you arrived and ruined everything, you always ruin everything and I hate that,” I pout and cross my arms in front of my chest. A lump is growing in my throat, and I swallow dryly. I just dislike how he’s so intimidating right now.

“Let me make it up to you… I’m sorry, Meg,” he pauses and quickly corrects himself, “I mean, Meghan. I know that we’ve been apart for years but, trust me, I came to realize how stupid I was to let you go. I was selfish, but I’ve changed now. Maybe we could start over, what you think?” he licks his lips, waiting for me to answer him.

Start over? Seriously? It’s been two years for crying out loud! I don’t even know what he’s been up to or where he’s been and he wants us to start over? Nope, not happening. I will not get myself involved with him again, he’s like poison. Very dangerous.

I squint my eyes at him and lean forward.

“I think you should focus on your new job,” I say and leave the chair, trying to keep myself as calm as possible.

“Meghan,” he calls out softly and I ignore him as I continue walking towards the door.

“Meghan!” he yells and I grab the door knob and twist it, yank the door open and turn around to look at him.

“I’ll get you the files,” I say and walk out, slamming the door behind me.

Written by: Anthea Kioko

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