A new era has begun for Justin Bieber today as he released a new single featuring Chance The Rapper dubbed ‘Holy’.

For the past few weeks, the 26-year-old singer has been teasing the song and the wait is finally over.

“I hear a lot about sinners. Don’t think that I’ll be a saint. But I might go down to the river.” This is how the song starts off.

The Canadian pop star has always stressed his admiration for Christ and his wish to be Christian. The jam ‘Holy’ is an emotionally laden celebration of hope and faith.

“On God, Runnin’ to the altar like a track star. Can’t wait for another second.” The lyrics of the bridge starts of in that manner.

Chancelor Johnathan Bennett alias Chance the Rapper, is known for incorporating religious messages into his production and has said he considers himself a Christian rapper.  In 2018, he left the US and took a sabbatical saying he was “going away to learn the Word of God.” Justin Bieber and Chance the Rapper have performed at Kanye West’s Sunday Service.

Chance the Rapper starts his verse by acknowledging how salvation is usually a hard decision to make but makes God so happy. “The first step pleases the Father. Might be the hardest to take. But when you come out of the water.”

Along with the new music, Bieber debuted a Colin Tiley short film which has some familiar faces like Wilmer Valderrama of “NCIS” and Ryan Destiny of “Star”.

In the video, Bieber and Destiney are a couple who are faced with challenges from being fired from their jobs to being evacuated from their house due to the failure of paying rent. Being in that position of not knowing where they are heading and if God is working on them, they immediately receive help from Wilmer who acts as an army officer who is heading to see his family after serving his country for a long period.

Wilmer is seen crying as he hugs his children – sometimes those with a profession, are usually not sure whether they will ever return home; from army officers to police officers and firemen. For those who are unemployed or going through a storm, they should always have hope, trust, and belief in God. As at the end of the video, it shows Justin and Destiny hug as she looks up in the sky.

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