Government’s spokesman Cyrus Oguna warns on Covid-19

Government’s Spokesman Cyrus Oguna [Photo: The Star]

September 18th 2020 – The government’s spokesman Cyrus Oguna, has said he is thankful for recovering from Covid-19.

On his official twitter account, Mr. Oguna wrote, “I am sharing my story with you as a Covid-19 survivor, well aware that if the invisible enemy had pulled the trigger, I would be just another statistic in its many hits.”

For close to two months, the still-recovering government’s mouthpiece, said his experience on the global pandemic, is not a journey he would anyone to partake in. Oguna was admitted to a city hospital where he was on supplemental oxygen for 28 days.

Reflecting on my time in the hospital, I can only imagine what all the Covid-19 victims who succumbed might have gone through, and I must admit that I am extremely lucky to be alive,” read the part of Oguna’s tweet. 

It has been one month since his discharge, but Mr. Oguna says he is yet to recover fully. Occasionally, he experiences episodes of losing breath, lack of taste, and smell. According to the doctors who attended to him while still in the hospital, the symptoms and the after-effect might take longer before the body resumes its normal functioning.

In what he describes as a devastating experience, Oguna started narrating how he started noticing symptoms similar to those of Coronavirus. Close to two weeks before he was hospitalized, he started experiencing suppressed appetite, fever, muscle aches, a burning sensation on either side of my lower ribs, and mild headaches. He however did not immediately get tested for Covid-19, but instead attributed the symptoms to fatigue and possibly the cold weather in July. 

It was only a week later when he sought medical attention after noticing that the symptoms he had, had prolonged. “At this point, I consulted a doctor for a normal checkup. All along, Covid-19 was not on my mind at all. Despite experiencing the symptoms, I was neither coughing nor sneezing, and I had recently tested negative for Covid-19 for the third time,” tweeted Oguna.

He was then confirmed Covid-19 positive.

Mr. Oguna is now encouraging Kenyans to follow the set governmental directives of handling the virus, in his tweet, he noted that the most effective way to defeat it is to strictly adhere to the containment measure.

“Our protection against it is to; wash our hands, sanitize, wear our masks, and keep our distance. Covid-19 is not a hoax. It is real! It is stubborn and extremely painful! It has no truce or ceasefire,” another part of his tweet read.

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