Counties to resume duties as senate agrees on a revenue sharing

Makueni Senator Mutula Kilonzo Junior. [Photo: Nairobi News]

September 18th 2020 – The Council of Governors is expected to release a new statement of having the county governments, resume its duties following the Senate’s long-awaited decision on the third basis revenue allocation stalemate.

On Thursday, senators finally struck a deal on the revenue sharing to counties, a day after the Council of Governors Chairperson Wycliffe Oparanya, released a statement ordering all the 47 devolved units to shut down, following the lack of funds.

It’s a momentous occasion for the country and devolution. We may have taken a long time but it was not in vain. Eventually, we have consensus, which was elusive for the last three months,” said Senate Minority Whip Mutula Kilonzo Jnr of  Makueni.

In this approved formula, none of the counties loses revenue, with some standing as big gainers of the Ksh 370 billion.

Nairobi gets an additional Ksh 3.3 billion, totaling its allocation to Ksh 19.2 billion from its previous allocation of Kshs 15.9 billion.

Nakuru county gets an additional 2.6 billion, pushing its previous allocation from Ksh 10.4 billion to Ksh 13 billion.

Kiambu’s additional Ksh 2.2 billion pushes its allocation to Ksh 11.7 billion, while Turkana moves from its initial Ksh 10.5 billion to Ksh 12.6 billion

More big gainers are Kakamega which gets an additional Ksh 1.9 billion, Bungoma and Uasin Gishu – Ksh 1.7 billion each, Nandi County – 1.6 billion, Kitui, and Kajiado, 1.5 billion each.

The decision to come up with the agreement to finally pass a revenue-sharing formula for the counties seems to have been pushed by the president’s pledge of Ksh 50 billion, to next year’s equitable revenue sharing allocation. However, it appears that the counties’ shutdown of its services lit up a fire that just had to be put off. Counties such as Meru that shut down its services on Thursday, received mixed reactions from the residents, with some terming it as a good move and others saying it was made hastily.

The Council of Governors is anticipated to reopen county services and resume normalcy, following the senate’s agreement of the revenue allocation. 

On Tuesday, the Council criticized the Senate, saying that the senators treated the country to theatrics during the ten times that they have convened to consider the formula.

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