coronavirus infections hit 30 million worldwide

The number of confirmed COVID- 19 cases now ranks at 30 million worldwide, as reported by John Hopkins University. Among the hard hit countries are the United states of America with more than 6.6 million infections and 197,000 deaths, India has recorded above 5 million infections this week and the virus has been spreading extremely faster here than in any country. Brazil has had more than 4.4 million confirmed cases, with more than 134,000 fatalities – the second-highest death toll after the US. 

The virus is spreading faster in India than in any country (BBC)

 Europe is joining the list due to a spike in infections, while Israel is the first developed country that is imposing a second nationwide lock down which will begin today. Many countries in the Northern hemisphere are preparing for a second wave of the virus as they approach winter

In Latin america, Mexico and Argentina are the hard hit countries. There is hope to conquer the virus as a number of companies and countries are pooling into finding an effective and safe vaccine. Moreover, President Donald Trump has announced that a vaccine will be available before three months, although health experts are cautioning the statement saying that it is unrealistic.

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