Council of Governors Shuts Down County Service

Council of Governors Chairperson Wycliffe Oparanya. [Photo: The Star]

September 17th 2020 – The Council of Governors (COG), has kept its promise of shutting down the counties, amid the Senate Revenue Allocation Motion Stalemate.

Earlier this week, the Council had said they would down their county services if they did not receive funding to run the 47 counties by the 17th of September 2020.

In a statement released on Wednesday, 16th of September, the governors through their chairperson Wycliffe Oparanya, ordered all county governments to send their county workers on two weeks leave and also suspended all, non-essential services.

This comes, after the Senate for the 10th time on Tuesday, failed to reach an agreement, on the revenue sharing formula, for the counties.

The Senate has not been able to unlock the stalemate on the flow of funds. It is, therefore, not clear when this impasse will be resolved. In this regard, all county governments are advised to issue necessary notices suspending operations in non-essential areas,” said Oparanya in the statement.

The indecisiveness by senators on the revenue sharing formula to the counties has now paralyzed some of the main functions in the devolved units. Amid the shutdown of the counties, the statement also indicated that county health facilities will not permit new in-patient admissions, and will only provide minimal outpatient services.

The CoG had earlier urged the National Treasury to urgently release half of the Counties’ equitable share of revenue, to ensure the resumption of operations. 

In addition, the governors also criticized the Senate’s slow decision making, noting that the Senators should by now, have come up with a revenue-sharing formula, as they have been on the know of the formula for three years now.

 “It seems like the Senate has just woken up from their slumber that they have been in for three years. They knew about the formula three years ago yet they have continuously treated the country to theatrics during the ten times that they have convened to consider the formula,” said COG in a statement.

The council has however said, it will continue to push for the speedy release of funds to the counties.

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