Ex-Trade Minister Mukhisa says he’ll run for 2020 presidential seat

Mukhisa Kituyi [Photo:MSN]

September 14th 2020 – Former Trade minister Mukhisa Kituyi and Kenya’s highest-ranking diplomat in the United Nations System, has hinted his interest for presidency come 2022. 

In an interview, Dr.Mukhisa affirmed that he will be offering himself as part of the leadership in the country. His confirmation now fuels speculations that he could be President Uhuru Kenyatta and ODM’s Raila Odinga Secret candidate for the Presidency.

After I complete my international mandate, I want to take seriously the possibility of offering myself as part of a national solution and national renewal. Building on the experience of the current government, I want to make that contribution,” Mukhisa said.

During the interview, Mukhisa, who was among the Young Turks pushing for multi-party democracy, described himself as an “intellectually finished product”.

Mukhisa describes himself as a good candidate for the presidential seat, as an intellectually finished product with relatively good health.

I have an idea about governance, international experience, international best practices. I have had a privilege on duty to visit 119 countries, which is more than most people visit in their lifetimes,” he said.

He further said, “I think these experiences can be a positive force in my own country where I have also served as a Member of Parliament for 15 years and minister for slightly more than five years.”

The previous Trade minister also disregarded talk of the deep state, in which most people gather to decide who wins the elections. He noted that the country only needs to have a strong electoral body and a system that can transparently deliver on its mandate.

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