MEGHAN MAE: Chapter 3

Having a bad day is one thing, and having your ex as your new boss is another mind-boggling kind of terror. I can’t even concentrate on my work. I got him whatever he asked for including his glass of juice, which I really, really wanted to pour onto his face, but I didn’t.

When it’s finally time to clock out, I grab my things, sign out and I dash out of the building like I just got chased away. I just want to get home. It’s Friday so, I might as well call my best friend over and tell her that the monster is back in town.

As I rush to the parking lot, guess whose car I find next to mine? Yap and he’s leisurely leaning on to his black Alpha Romeo, tapping away on his phone. I choose to ignore him for the umpteenth time today and I walk straight to my car and enter without even glancing at him, when I begin to reverse, he taps my window.

“See you on Monday, Meg,” he says with a smirk on his face.

“Stay away from me, Topper!” I yell at him and I step on the gas pedal and speed off.

Topper and I used to date two years ago until our relationship fell apart, he was too busy focusing on his career to even think about me. What’s worse is that he literally forgot I existed, I had to remind him of my existence nearly every day and his excuse was always a “sorry babe, I just have a lot on my plate right now.” Such a lame excuse if you ask me.

We drifted apart and I got so furious about it and decided to end our relationship, then he flew out of the country. Nothing was working. I had wasted two stupid years of my life with that man. But the moment he stepped into that office today, my heart stopped for a second and my eyes scanned his figure from head to read, as memories of him and I flooded my medulla. I wanted to run to him and give him a warm hug, ask him how he’s been since I last saw him but something about him hadn’t changed. His pride. The way he grinned and never look at anybody else but me made me feel intensely intimidated by him.

There’s a reason why he was named Topper, he always told me that all of his life, he’s always been at the top. Now look at him, he’s the acting CEO of where I work. What kind of madness is this? I mean, he could have gone to another company, but why this one? I groan as I step out of the car and slam the door shut. I take off my heels and walk barefooted all the way into my house. I lock the door behind and lean against it and I begin sobbing as I slide down against the brown, wooden door. I sit there for a few minutes and decide to call Nancy, my best friend.

“Nancy? Could please come over?” I ask.

“Is everything okay? I was just about to call you, where are you?” she asks.

“I’m at home. Sleepover?” I question.

“Definitely! I’m on my way and I’ll bring take out. Love you.” She hangs up and I sluggishly drag myself to the bathroom. I am going to spend a very long time in the shower. “Oh, Meghan, Meghan… this world is not your home,” I tell myself.

Written By: Anthea Kioko

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