LeBron James, all-time leader in NBA postseason Playoffs

Los Angeles Lakers’ Champion LeBron James [Photo: NBA]

September 9th 2020 – The National Basketball Association (NBA) has congratulated Los Angeles Lakers’ Champion LeBron James, on becoming the all-time leader in NBA playoffs, after the Los Angeles Lakers’ 112-102 Game 3 win, over the Houston Rockets on Tuesday.

It’s something I never dreamed of,” said James. “I never came into the league as a kid saying, I want to be No. 1 in playoff wins. I always said I want to be a part of a winning culture and be a winning player and do whatever it takes to help my teammates win and this is the result of it.”

Although LeBron James is in the midst of his 17th year at the ripe NBA age of 35, it’s evident that his growth as a player still continues to increase at a much more rapid rate.

On Tuesday’s game, LeBron had 36 points, seven rebounds, and five assists in a monster game where LeBron was going off very early on. He continues to build on his legacy of being one of the NBA’s greatest players ever, if not the greatest. He’s been especially impressive in the postseason in his career, with his career marks coming into tonight’s game below.

But it doesn’t happen without my teammates over the years. My coaching staff over the years. Everyone from the top to bottom — GMs, owners, training staffs, ballboys, everything. Everyone has a hand in that because we’re all a part of the process and the success. So, either if I was in Cleveland or Miami and now with the Lakers, I’ve been a part of three great organizations that have allowed me to be a part of something that’s historic.” said LeBron

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