Health Ministry to release new Covid-19 burial protocols

A funeral of a Covid-19 victim in the county. [Photo: Citizen]

September 8th 2020 – Kenyans who mourn their dead will now be allowed to conduct burial rights, after the Ministry of Health confirmed that indeed a dead person cannot transmit the Covid-19 virus, from the time the body, the time it is picked from the morgue to the time of burial. 

Speaking on Monday at the Afya House during the daily Coronavirus briefings, Director of Public Health, Dr. Kuria said that it was likely that bodies would be released to the next-of-kin for the final send-off.

We have finalized the revised protocols that are going to guide us while conducting burials. Hopefully, the protocols are going to address the concerns of stigma” Dr. Kuria said.

The new measures will be aimed at ensuring that mourners have no contact with bodily fluids of the deceased during the ceremony. In a study, it was revealed that bodies of patients who die from Covid-19 are not as infectious as initially thought.

Kuria however said that, said that social distancing protocols for the mourners and other guidelines will be observed .

The removal of the burial restrictions come after hundreds of Kenyans experienced unusual burial rights, where the dead were buried 48 hours after passing on.

In some instances, the dead were being buried at night in the absence of the family and friends. 

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