High Court Defers Plea in the Kevin Omwenga’s murder case

Businessman Chris Obure and Robert Ouko in court on August 24, 2020. [Photo: Capital News]

September 7th 2020 – High Court Judge Mumbi Ngugi has deferred the plea taking of Businessman Chris Obure and his bodyguard to Wednesday this week.

Obure who was set to be charged with the murder of businessman Kevin Omwenga moved to court, challenging the murder charge.

In an application filed before the High Court, Obure argues that he would serve better as a state witness rather than an accused person in the murder case.

Justice Mumbi Ngugi agreed to the request for a deferral, to allow another court to hear and determine Obure’s application.

In a sworn affidavit Obure insisted that he had no direct or indirect link to the murder of Kevin Omwenga and that he had recently learned of Omwenga’s death and the involvement of his bodyguard.

He further said that on the 30th of August 2020, he executed a consent allowing the investigating officers from the DCI to retrieve CCTV footage from his office, which showed Bodo breaking into his office and stealing his Gun.

According to a video captured as Omwenga was being rushed to the hospital, Bodo does not board the vehicle, instead he heads towards Senteu Plaza, where Obure’s office is located. Later on at 11:42 pm, he is seen walking to Obure’s office and returns the firearm where he found it. He leaves the office at 11:43 pm, boards a motorbike, and heads to Kilimani Police station.

However on Friday, through his lawyer, Obure said he had no idea his gun was missing from his office, adding that he was held up with meetings. A postmortem revealed that Omwenga was hit directly in the heart, although Bodo claimed that he shot Omwenga accidentally.

Two weeks ago, businessmen Chris Obure and Robert Ouko Bodo, were denied anticipatory bail linking them to the death of fellow businessman Kevin Omwenga.

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