Education Cabinet Secretary George has said the government is still analyzing the expected school reopening plan. Speaking in Embu County on Friday the 4th of September, Mr. Magoha implied that schools might reopen on a much earlier date this year. While assessing the Embu Technical Training Institution on its readiness and preparedness in handling the Covid-19 pandemic, the CS said that if the Covid-19 infection rate flattens sooner, it will be a substantial reason to approach President Uhuru Kenyatta on the issue of reopening schools.

He however added that putting the necessary measures in all learning institutions, and adhering to them, is a major factor in considering the reopening of schools.

“If everything flattens within this month and as long as we have put all the measures into place what will stop us from informing the President to consider reopening schools early?” asked Magoha.

Magoha also commended the Embu Institution’s management, on its current preparedness in handling the Covid-19 pandemic. He also noticed the institution’s readiness of providing adequate water points and sanitizers. He however urges the management to prepare further, by adding more water points and considering using non-touchable sanitizers. “It is safe to use the non-touchable sanitizers which are safer and cheaper at the dispensaries,” said Magoha.

Mr. Magoha also added that the government is considering reopening the technical colleges, mostly for the learners who are expecting to sit for their certificate of completion examinations.

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